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Etienne Dupont – Cidre Bouche Brut 375ml


Cidre Bouché is created using the traditional method of the Pays d'Auge. Full of…

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Cidre Bouché is created using the traditional method of the Pays d'Auge. Full of fruit and freshness, the taste reveals the aromas of apples and citrus with finesse ("cidre bouché" is a generic term for traditional cider, literally "cider under cork").


Nutrient poor clay and marl soil,

perfect for giving small fruit.


70% of bittersweet apples

30% of acid apples

Harvesting: from October to November

Alcohol content: 5.5 % vol.

Techniques used:

Controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats. Indigenous yeasts. Stabilization of the cider is sought by carrying out successive racking. The fermentation is controlled by successive racking. The cider is bottled unpasteurized between March and April. Density (O.G.): 1060 after pressing, equivalent to 134 g of sugar per litre. 1016 when bottled, which gives 5.5 % alcohol after bottle fermentation has finished.

Tasting Notes:

Eyes: Gold colour slightly tinged with orange.

Nose: Apple, pear and red berries.

Mouth: Baked apple, light tannins, freshness on finish.


No sugar added

No gluten

Calories per glass: 65 Cal. (12.5 cl glass)

Suggestions: (read also: Tasting Cider >>)

– Storage: Keep the bottles upright in a cool cellar (8 to 12°C, 46 to 54°F ). If well cellared, it can be kept for 5 years after bottling, Because the cider is on its lees, the mouth will improve and become more complex.

– Service: Aperitif, or to accompany white meats (chicken or pork) or cheeses.

Cider maker website – Famille Dupont

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