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About Us

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The Place is a dry cider focused bottle shop and bar. We are located in the cozy Brooklyn neighborhood of SE Portland, right off of Powell Blvd. and SE 12th Ave. In addition, we offer a unique selection of international and hard-to-find dry ciders, beers, natural wines and other alcoholic beverages. In other words, you will definitely find something you like. We’re currently open from 1pm-10pm daily. Also, we offer sandwiches and snacks and are continuously working on expanding our food menu. Come by and check us out! We carry a great selection of amazing dry ciders from local cideries makers like OR/WA Cider Collective and international cider makers like Eric Bordelet. Our beer and wine selections are also curated to showcase some of the less frequently seen beer from Portland and around the world.

Natural Wine

The wines we carry are known as natural wines. The term “natural” focuses on the simple and minimalistic form in which the grapes are grown and the wine made. No added chemicals or fancy processing techniques. In other words, it’s back to the roots with these wines. In addition to the traditional light alcoholic refreshments, we also have fuzzy and fruity alcoholic drinks by yet another Portland treasure, Hi-Wheel. The newest trend is focused on lightly alcoholic, low-carb, low-sugar, carbonated beverages. We currently stock the highly popular White Claw, as well as our newest local selection from Seek Out. Although we satisfy most flavor profiles, our focus is on hard dry ciders. With such a growth of interest and popularity in gluten-free and low-sugar diets, ciders in Portland are becoming ever more popular. In conclusion, it’s important to note that none of this would be possible without the rich cider history our great-grandpa “Djeda Mraz” and great-grandma “Babushka”. Their memories continue to live on in all those that learn about their contributions. We continue their tradition of warm hospitality and good libations in The Place. Come and join us for a cider to celebrate their legacy. Dry Cider Portland OR Bar and Bottle Shop Bar wall