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Bauman’s – Strawberry Mojito


From the cider maker: When I sat down to consider making a strawberry cider,…

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From the cider maker:

When I sat down to consider making a strawberry cider, it was with no small amount of love in my heart (belly?) I am so passionate about strawberries that as a child, I would inevitably end up at the pediatrician's office with an allergic rash on my face from eating too many newly ripe, sun-warmed berries. The doctor's advice, "you can have a few, just don't eat so many!" Alas, to this day, I often end up with a rash that strangely coincides with the first time I walk by the field of ripe strawberries.

I decided to blend the strawberries with mint for this cider, in part because I am a huge fan of cocktails made with a generous muddling of mint, but also simply because the two crops abound with color and flavor in the late spring/early summer here in the Willamette Valley. I like the balance of the refined vegetal minty-ness with the all-out, no holds barred passion of strawberries. The mint is definitely a tiny little voice, both in flavor and aroma, that must be looked for in this cider, but it is there, like those firm dark berries that set just on the ground under the lowest leaves of the strawberry hill, with the most intensely sweet, juicy strawberry flavor!

6.5% ABV

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