Oliver’s – Gold Rush #4


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Gold Rush #4 is the fourth transatlantic cider making collaboration between Tom Oliver (of Oliver’s Cider and Perry) , Greg Hall of Virtue Cider, Michigan and Ryan Burk of Angry Orchard, New York, USA. A full tasting, sparkling 6.5% cider with some sweetness, balancing acidity and full-bodied tannins. Carefully selected vintage bittersweet and sharp cider apples from traditional Herefordshire orchards were slow fermented by wild yeasts in old oak barrels, then after a malolactic fermentation in the spring, fruit sugar and lambic yeasts were pitched for a second alcoholic fermentation, adding more complexity and alcohol. A bright, rich cider with an ‘apple skins’ nose gives way to a robust taste with a very satisfying finish. Chill and savour this unique cider with family and friends and celebrate the “family of cidermakers” on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.

6.5% ABV


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