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Same Day Delivery

OLCC limitations are based on time when order is placed, not when order is to be delivered.

Here is a breakdown of what we are able to deliver depending on when you process the order on our website:

  • Midnight – 9:00AM – Unlimited! You can order anything you like – as long as we have it in stock, you will get it!
  • 9:01AM-4:00PM – Up to 18 liters of wine or cider (max 18 bottles), or up to 5 gallons of malt beverages
  • 4:01PM-7:00PM – Up to 1500 Milliliters of wine or cider (approx. 2 bottles), or up to 160 ounces of malt beverages (approx. 2 standard six-packs)
  • 7:01PM-9:00PM – Up to 750 Milliliters of wine or cider (approx. 1 bottle), or up to 80 ounces of malt beverages (approx. 1 standard six-pack)
  • 9:01PM-Midnight – Orders will not be accepted since they cannot be delivered the same day
  • OLCC pick-up rules: unlimited during hours of operation